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Temporary Pool Fencing

Budget Temp Fencing Sales Temporary pool fences provide easy, secure access, with the addition of a temporary pool gate.We use a custom designed safety foot, to make sure the gap under the fence panel is less than 100mm., ensuring compliance with Australian standards. This also can effectively block off access to water or holes from children and animals. It provides a sturdy, flexible system that can be relocated simply, without the need for additional bracing or star pickets.

  • Secures the perimeter of any pool construction, resource or event site.
  • Levies and irrigation works.

Complies with AS 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

Water Safety with Temporary Pool Fencing

Safety is of primary concern around an unsupervised swimming environment. The excitement and pleasure of diving fearlessly into a body of water on a hot day is an Australian tradition, one that our temp pool fencing can ensure remains accident free for decades to come. As leaders in the Australian temp fencing industry, we saw a need to further develop our range and provide quality temporary pool fencing that adhered to national safety standards and was built to last in the diverse Australian climate.

Pool Fencing, suitable for all

Both young children and unassuming livestock can be susceptible to dangers of drowning in even the smallest bodies of exposed water. Not only that, but adults may also not be aware of the risks certain aquatic areas can contain. Temporary pool fencing can effectively block children and livestock from a potential hazardous area without supervision. Our temporary pool fencing is suitable for:

  • Swimming areas
  • Beaches
  • Dams, lakes and reservoirs
  • Wells and other land holes
  • Residential, urban and rural applications
  • Both people and livestock

Pool Fencing Quality You Can Trust

Our temporary pool fencing has been designed specifically to adhere to Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2007 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools. It is a dependable product for use as either a replacement of an existing permanent fence, or to secure a temporary body of water.

Suitable for all Australian needs, our temp pool fencing is just as sturdy and well-built as all our temporary fence, products, but with some application-specific design features for use around water, including:

  • A consistent gap of 100mm between the ground and panel
  • Sturdy structure without the need for star pickets or holes
  • Simple assembly, no need for stays or bracing
  • Designed for suitability in both outdoor and indoor areas
  • Usable with our high quality and versatile temporary fence feet

Like all our fencing products, we store volumes of temp pool fencing at our warehouses around Australia so that we can provide assistance whenever needed. Our temp pool fencing also packs down easily for compact storage at your site or in our storage spaces.

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