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Shade Cloth

Our shade cloth fits easily onto your temporary fencing and is an excellent way to reduce dust and light debris pollution from site works, complying with Council requirements and improving security. Raise brand awareness of your company or event, using printed shade cloth as cost effective advertising. We can provide various colours, styles and density for your plain and printed shade cloths.

Adding Shade cloth to the fence line, increases the wind loading of the fence and support stays are essential, for maintaining stability.

Versatile Protection

The advantages of combining a temporary fence with shade cloth can make a vast difference to the privacy, security and public perception of a home or work site. It should take increased priority in any construction or event budget. Shade cloth installation is also an effective measure to protect from both the sun and the wind.


We use high quality SiteShade™ material for its durability and versatility, gained from a tight-knit weave employed in all shade cloth grades. SiteShade™ shade cloth installation with temporary fencing can provide:

  • Privacy and security for a construction or event site
  • Corporate branding along a whole fence with printable shade cloth
  • Colour coordination through different coloured shade cloth fencing
  • Obscurity for unsightly areas from public view (including the fences themselves)
  • A Reduction in contamination from dust and minor debris to the surrounding environment
  • Protection from wind

SiteShade™ protects well against the sun while still being permeable to water and air. There are four different sun blocking levels available, including:

  • Scaffold mesh – used mainly for dust control
  • 50% block-out – partial visual block-out with improved dust control
  • 70% block-out – preferred for corporate branding. Also preferred for agricultural purposes
  • 90% block-out – our highest quality visual block-out with the highest level of UV protection, also provides deeper and more distinctive colour options

SiteShade™ also comes with a five year UV warranty*, which increases its uses in the home to shelter outdoor social areas, or for use protecting gardens.

Our shade cloth installation will help your site camouflage into its environment and provide a powerful background for your company logo with different colours, including:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Cream
  • White

Shade cloth and temporary fencing solutions can be provided within a short period of time from one of our many warehouses Australia-wide.

*Five year warranty does not include scaffold mesh.

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