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Budget Temporary Fencing Sales Products

We supply temporary fence systems to the construction and resource industries. Our highly motivated and experienced team can ensure you match the right product system for your exact project needs. Make temporary fence hire a thing of the past by permanently owning your own temporary fencing system.

  • 2.4 Metre Panels
  • Customised panels to suit your project and budget

Each panel type is suited to particular project types. For example, The panel we supply to numerous Hire companies and made for regular movement, our Heavy Duty Flagship panels have:

  • 360° welds to main elements of frame. 32mm O.D. vertical and horizontal pipes (2mm wall thickness).
  • Horizontal pipe ends crimped for increased strength.
  • 1.94m metre top horizontal pipe for extra security.
  • 2400mm long x 2100mm high with anti-climb mesh infill.
  • Above industry thickness of galvanising.

Contact us for advice on the best temp fencing solution for your project.

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Temporary Fencing Feet

Temp Fence FeetTemp Fence Feet

The recommended foot design for our Budget Temp Fencing system is a fully encased concrete foot with blow moulded UV stabilised HDPE plastic. This is a highly visible, durable and stable product and can last up to 10 years. Cheaper alternatives have a half mould and concrete can be subjected to damage and possibly leave marks on hard surfaces.

  • Rough use
  • Durability in harsh environments
  • Easy connections with our fencing panels.
  • Highly visibility - vivid orange colour.

We offer 3 different types of feet: An one part base foot, a two part base foot and an recycled rubber foot for even more savings on your temporary fencing.

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Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control BarriersCrowd Control Barriers

At Budget Temp Fencing Sales, our barriers are designed with a flat foot to avoid the trip hazard typical to many crowd control systems on the market. These are removable for efficient storage and transportation. Our public event fences are flexible and link securely in place, easily transportable, safe and durable.

We can also supply your barriers in a range of powder coated colours to define certain access areas and even greater visibility.

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Temporary Pool Fencing

Temporary Pool FencingTemporary Pool Fencing

Budget Temp Fencing Sales Temporary pool fences provide easy, secure access, with the addition of a temporary pool gate.We use a custom designed safety foot, to make sure the gap under the fence panel is less than 100mm., ensuring compliance with Australian standards. This also can effectively block off access to water or holes from children and animals. It provides a sturdy, flexible system that can be relocated simply, without the need for additional bracing or star pickets.

  • Secures the perimeter of any pool construction, resource or event site.
  • Levies and irrigation works.

Complies with AS 1926.1-2007 – Swimming Pool Safety – Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

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Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth

Our shade cloth fits easily onto your temporary fencing and is an excellent way to reduce dust and light debris pollution from site works, complying with Council requirements and improving security. Raise brand awareness of your company or event, using printed shade cloth as cost effective advertising. We can provide various colours, styles and density for your plain and printed shade cloths.

Adding Shade cloth to the fence line, increases the wind loading of the fence and support stays are essential, for maintaining stability.

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Dog Enclosures

Dog EnclosuresDog Enclosures

Our dog enclosures are quick and easy to install; making them the perfect outdoor environment for your dog. Modular 1840mm high x 1500mm wide panels with a gate incorporated within a standard width mesh panel.

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Temporary Fencing Brackets

Temp Fence BracketsTemp Fence Brackets

Our standard temp fencing clamp is designed to hold two of our panels securely together even under extreme pressure and environmental conditions. We can supply temp fence clamps in anti-tamper and to any specification and size.

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Support Stays

Support StaysSupport Stays

These are designed to overcome wind loading on our fences. Typically this is caused by:

  • Placards or signs mounted on fences
  • Wind exposure in large open spaces
  • Shade cloth in windy conditions

We produce the best stays for adding extra support to your temporary fence. Talk to our Budget Temp Fencing Sales team for advice on types and numbers of stays required. To ensure stability to your fence.

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Cost Effective Temp Fence, shipped Australia wide in 24 hours - guaranteed.
Contact our sales team on 1300 971 972 for an efficient professional service. You won't be disappointed!