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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire your fencing?

We don’t hire, we only sell our Budget Temp Fencing Sales range. The affordable pricing of our products means you can permanently own your temporary fencing. However we sell a significant percentage of our products to the Hire Industry.

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What is temporary fencing typically used for?

  • Public Safety - preventing site operations within the area from impacting outside, by preventing debris, rubbish and materials from escaping from the work site.
  • Security - restriction of access to unauthorized persons to restricted areas, events and work sites.
  • Privacy - containing equipment and materials. Restricting visual access to events.

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What kind of quantities can I order?

At Budget Temp Fencing Sales, We stock kilometres of our products.

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Can I install and set up my own Budget Temp Fencing?

Yes. Our Budget Temp Fencing Sales products are easy to install upon delivery and our Budget Temp Fencing Sales team will explain the best options for set up. At Budget Temp Fencing Sales, our point of difference lies within our ability to deliver temporary fencing in a timely manner. Once stock is delivered, we leave it up to you to install and remove at the most convenient time.

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Can I apply signage and/or shade cloth to my temp fencing?

Yes, please follow recommendations for bracing to avoid fence collapse especially under variable wind conditions.

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Can I obtain temporary fencing for my pool?

Yes. Any excavation or structure capable of containing a depth of 300 mm or more of water and used principally for paddling, swimming or wading, is required to be fenced. Temporary fencing is typically used until the permanent fencing has been completed. We have a range of temporary fencing suitable for pool construction and children’s safety.

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Where else is temporary fencing mandatory?

Contact your local government for your local regulations. Most have regulations regarding the installation of boarding or enclosed fencing to reduce the spread and dust and materials from building sites as well as protecting the public and contractors from potentially dangerous areas.

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Do you guarantee your products?

We’re happy to discuss our products guarantees with you. The majority of our products are guaranteed up to 3 years on fabrication; some have a typical life of up to 10 years.

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I don’t have room to store it, do you have storage options?

We have storage options in most states. Give our team a call to find out if we can help. We do make every effort to make our products easy stacking with space saving designs, such as swivel feet.

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