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Crowd Control Barriers

At Budget Temp Fencing Sales, our barriers are designed with a flat foot to avoid the trip hazard typical to many crowd control systems on the market. These are removable for efficient storage and transportation. Our public event fences are flexible and link securely in place, easily transportable, safe and durable.

We can also supply your barriers in a range of powder coated colours to define certain access areas and even greater visibility.

Crowd Control Barriers are an essential part of any event

An essential part of controlling a group or a flow of people involves not just appropriate crowd control barriers, but the foresight to ensure that any group does not have a negative feeling of being ‘herded’ between spaces. Our custom-designed crowd control barriers for hire suit the mass movement of people with their sturdy construction as well as their modest presence.

Our Control Barriers are built to last

Designed and manufactured in-house and built to withstand almost any environmental condition, we provide a strong crowd control barrier for rent that can handle the wear and tear of hundreds of thousands of footsteps. All our crowd control barriers available for hire are:

  • Hand-welded, to ensure quality of workmanship and durability
  • Hot-dipped galvanised (min. 42 micrometres), for long-lasting strength
  • In adherence with national Occupational Health and Safety and Workplace Health and Safety regulations once installed
  • Easy to assemble using a strong interlocking system
  • ‘Flat foot’ designed to reduce trip hazards and maintain stability

Organisation without Complication

Our fences have been through a detailed research and development process to ensure ease of use, which means that any installation and pack down can be accomplished quickly. Arranging and segregating your site is not a complicated process as our crowd control barriers allow for ample adjustability should your requirements change during an event.

Our crowd control barriers will provide:

  • Kilometres of organised paths and separate areas using an interlockable connection system for adjustability
  • Colour-coordination to provide efficient navigation for attendees, or branding for a corporate event
  • Uncomplicated installation, rapid pack-down and are designed for compact storage
  • A secure yet inviting way to control the flow of people traffic in almost any space

Crowd Barrier Suppliers Australia-wide

To maintain our position as the premier dealer in crowd barrier products for rent among Australian suppliers, all our temporary fencing and crowd control barriers for hire have been designed for different needs on site and for people management. We provide crowd barriers to many other suppliers of industrial equipment so you’ve probably seen our products working in the field already. We always keep a large cache of crowd control barriers stockpiled ready for hire at our warehouses around Australia, so you can be sure that we will be able to meet your temporary fencing needs without delay.

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