Temporary Fencing For Sale
Australia’s Leader in the Temporary Fencing Market

We can supply you with the most affordable temp barrier products, including:

  • Security and Construction site fences
  • Pool fencing and Gates
  • Dog enclosures
  • Crowd control barriers
  • Shade cloth for dust control, privacy and personalised marketing
  • Temporary components
  • Plastic encased concrete feet
  • Panels in various ranges
  • Clamps
  • Support stays

We manufacture products at Budget Temp Fencing Sales which when ordered are shipped and arrive to your site, within 24hours - guaranteed - for most locations in Australia. Contact our friendly sales team, who can quickly help you with selecting the right type of temporary fencing and components for your project.

We Supply Quality Temp Fencing

We supply our temporary fences to a large range of commercial customers:

  • Construction Industry - secure and cost effective solution for any site.
  • Resources industry – we provide solutions for the mining, oil & gas industries.
  • Hire industry - high volumes of product at the highest quality
  • Events management – we supply quality people management barriers in a range of colours
  • Civil & Demolition – public safety and dust control.

Your industry may need a custom temp fencing solution and if this is the case; our professional team is well placed to assist you in finding the best solution. Our affordable temporary barrier product range can fulfill on the following:

  • Secure, durable, temporary solutions for your site
  • Site privacy
  • Compliance with local government safety regulations
  • Public and contractor safety from dust or debris when using shade cloth

We Supply Direct

At Budget Temp Fencing Sales, we are now able to produce such affordable, quality, temporary barrier products, that we’re offering you the opportunity to buy them.

We believe in you owning your own temporary fencing systems and we continually work towards improving our business at Budget Temp Fencing Sales, so you benefit from having quality products with an efficient service at the lowest price Guaranteed*. We have distribution centres across Australia staffed with our highly experienced teams.

Our streamlined Budget Temp Fencing Sales business and ordering systems provide you with:

  • Australian wide delivery in 24* hours guaranteed
  • Products shipped directly from our manufacturing plants to your site.
  • The lowest Australian prices for temporary fencing.
  • Reliable, friendly service from our professional Budget Sales team.

Contact us and learn more about how we can help you find the best temp fencing solution.

Our Reliable and Professional Budget Temp Fencing Sales Team

We have supplied temporary solutions to most industries and we know what works. Whether it is:

  • Selection of products
  • Project cost management
  • Processing
  • Advice on delivery

We listen to your needs and give advice on the best products. We will pick, pack and dispatch your product on time for shipping; our facilities and experience means we can guarantee a 24 hour delivery to most locations in Australia.

Quality Temp Fencing

Our products adhere to both State and Federal Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations; ensuring optimal safety on any site. Our products are tested and certified to the highest relevant Australian standards for temporary fencing, hoardings, swimming pool safety barriers. Our certifications include:

  • AS 4687-2007 - Temporary Fencing & Hoardings
  • AS 1926.1-2007 - Swimming Pool Safety - Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools.

All of our products undergo quality testing before leaving our manufacturing plants to ensure that they meet the high standards that we set. The manufacturing process for our temporary barrier products includes:

  • Hand welding for extra strength
  • Hot galvanised dipping

Budget Temp Fencing Sales is a member of the Temporary Fencing Association of Australia.

Cost Effective Temp Fence, shipped Australia wide in 24 hours - guaranteed.
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